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Insectavores (NEW 5-23-16)

Insectavores are a race of intelligent insects.  They can talk, but rarely do so.  When they do speak, they usually babble odd slogans to themselves that resemble telescreen commercials and propaganda.  Despite a lack of verbal communcation, they are very organized and work extremely well as a team.  It is theorized that they may have some other unknown form of communication.  Insectavores are divided into three very different looking classes: The bipedal soldier, the winged flyer, and the large four-legged worker.  No class has been observed harnessing kaja energy and it seems the entire race is devoid of kaja.

Insectavores were one of the primary factors in the formation of the Interplanetary Coalition of Order.  They appeared suddenly and occupied large portions of the planet Quaid in only a few turns.  Civilian populations in the affected areas were relocated gently by the invading Insectavores and reports further indicated that Insectavores used lethal force only as a response to lethal force used on them.  It was because of this restraint that the Coalition leader, Sergheed Idane pursued a plan to communicate and reason with them.  Communications were attempted and shortly thereafter it was discovered that the Insectavores were led by a fourth class consisting of a single queen.  A controversial alliance was established with the Insectavores.  They would be allowed to keep their established territory and in return they would join ICO and serve in its military.

There are approximately 58,000 Insectavore personnel currently on active ICO military duty equipped with the latest technology and weaponry.  There is one Titus and he is equipped with an engagement ring.




Dinosoids are a new race of beings Kain successfully created by adding some DNA of a sentient being into a lizard.   Each dinosoid's appearance varies greatly depending on the species of lizard used, but there is some commonality between them.  All dinosoids have a below-average intelligence and above-average strength and endurance.  This makes them ideal and expendable front line combatants for the Coalition.  As of yet, there are no dinosoids capable of generating kaja energy, but Kain is still diligently working to change that.

To Titus, the dinosoids seem like any other weird looking alien.  He's unaware of the scientific breakthrough they represent.  To his defense though, it is hard to learn about an alien when it is trying to cleave him in half with a halberd.





RACE: Fontoon

Garaf is part of the Order of Ka, a religious organization based on the Tenets of Ka that seeks world peace and provides the needy with aid.  In an effort to end the conflict between the Coalition and the Tourniquet Mercenaries, Garaf has been assigned as an adviser to Dariat.  In principle, Garaf is supposed to act as a neutral third party and encourage any decisions that would lead the conflict to a peaceful conclusion.  In reality, Garaf shares the Tourniquet's concerns that the Coalition has amassed too much power and is ultimately the biggest threat that the world has ever faced.  Though Dariat resents the Order's interference, he has come to trust Garaf's advice even if doesn't like him personally.

Trained in an ancient martial art called Tekfu, Garaf is a formidable opponent with or without his staff.  As a Fontoon, he has modified his Tekfu training to make better use of his significant leg and foot strength .  He often takes opponents by surprise when he grapples them with his toes.  Garaf is a kaja psychic, but he isn't skilled at using his kaja gift offensively.  Following his passion of helping people, Garaf has harnessed his kaja to help heal the minds of those who have suffered traumatic events when caring and talking isn't enough.



Exp: 00023 Code: Legion

RACE: Mookie

Before Legion became Legion he was an unimportant Mookie and enthusiastic supporter of the Coalition named Muktow.  Though he had a strong work ethic, he wasn't particularly skilled as a contractor, nor was he very bright.  Because of these traits, the Coalition offered him the opportunity to participate in a dangerous experiment that would potentially allow his kaja energy to generate identical copies of himself.  Muktow knew it would be silly to decline such an opportunity from the great Coalition.  After all, a team of Muktows could surely accomplish what a single Muktow couldn't.

The experiment was a success, but not without some side-effects.  The manipulations at the genetic level resulted in a more monstrous appearance and alterations to his brain chemistry increased his intelligence, but also altered his personalty.  These changes were not unexpected by anyone involved, except perhaps Muktow himself, but he didn't care anyway.  No longer the mellow Muktow, he became an aggressive go-getter.  He became Legion.  Despite his code-name, Legion cannot actually generate six thousand copies of himself as each time he splits all copies become smaller and weaker.  The largest number of Legions recorded has been fifty-seven, but their usefulness at that point was questionable at best.

Legion is being assigned to a small Coalition outpost on 31X where he will be in charge of updating and expanding the facility.  Legion is excited since this is the first time he gets to be boss and he won't let the great Coalition down after they've been so generous to him.



Keji 'Twitch'

RACE: Trog

Twitch is the Chief Information Officer of the Tourniquet Mercenaries.  Her duties are numerous and not clearly defined, but they range from advising Dariat during operational planning, helping with Tourniquet software R&D, to even helping in the field performing cyber espionage against a particularly stubborn Coalition network.  Twitch loves to stay busy and maintains an amicable personality no matter how many tasks she is working on simultaneously.  It isn't unusual to see her walking down corridors with her face buried in a tablet, furiously taping away while munching on a handheld snack.

Twitch is a Trog, but she has spent a lot of time differentiating herself from others of her kind.  She makes a conscious effort to walk more upright and has worked very hard at eliminating the stuttering that the rest of her kind comes by naturally.  Like most Trogs, she has a massive family, and she even has a brother that fights in the 32Y arena, but she doesn't talk about them much.

Twitch uses her kaja to improve her dexterity and perception to the point where she can perform computer based tasks faster than a whole team of technicians with no error in short bursts. If forced into combat she is capable of turning even the most simple devices into explosives.  Where she learned that particular kaja technique is still a mystery.




RACE: Trog

Razor is a member of an ICO black-ops team known as Dread Squad.  He specializes in explosives and sabotage.   It is quite apparent from even a brief meeting with Razor that he is a bad combination of crazy and dangerous.  Despite his insanity, he follows orders very well and especially enjoys missions that allow him to paint the walls of Tourniquet Mercenary hideouts.

Razor gets his code-name from razor sharp discs that dangle from his brightly colored suit.  His appearance is clownish at first glance, but opponents learn to take him very seriously.  As a kaja mage, Razor uses his kaja to levitate and control the discs while leaving his hands free for other tasks.  They can orbit him defensively or be sent to fly around and cut down foes at a distance.  They are a great way to collect more 'paint' from unsuspecting victims.



Dr. Otterlly

RACE: Eyegorian

Dr. Otterlly is the greatest surgeon in the world.  Though officially retired, he still offers assistance to other doctors with difficult or unusual cases and he gives lectures to the next generation of medical professionals at several universities.  Those who have the pleasure of meeting him in person note how humble and personable he is even in private.  Feeling blessed by Ka, Dr. Otterlly has used his enormous wealth to support numerous charities across the world.  He has founded several charities himself, including a program designed to improve the medical treatments available for patients without kaja and the natural resilience it provides.  These patients often needlessly suffer under health care unprepared for their unique needs.

It was mainly due to this charity program that he caught the attention of Dariat Pemosen and the two quickly became friends.  They supported many of the same causes together until Dariat was forced underground by the Coalition and joined the Tourniquet Mercenaries.  Dr. Otterlly is willing to lose everything he has built by continuing to support his close friend.  He has even set up a hidden surgery in his own home from which is is able to treat severely wounded mercenaries in secret.

Dr.  Otterlly is a level eleven kaja healer and surprisingly, there are several kaja healers in the world that are a higher level than he is.  What has made Dr. Otterlly such a successful doctor is is willingness to use and develop medical technology along with his kaja prowess.  Hopefully Titus won't have any need for his services.




RACE: Nixian

Shadow is a member of the ICO black-ops unit known as Dread Squad.  There is very little information about him available.  Any information that does exist is heavily classified by the Coalition, including his real name.  Though it is confirmed that he is a Nixian, identifying him is impossible as he keeps his face constantly obscured by a kaja induced darkness.
Shadow acts as a scout for Dread Squad and his kaja abilities make him perfectly suited for reconnaissance.  He can use his kaja to seemingly blend into areas lacking direct illumination.  He can rapidly travel in this almost invisible state along any shadows that are connected, allowing him to take opponents by surprise or avoid conflict all together.  Shadow manipulates his own shadow constantly giving his motions a blurred appearance.  This makes it difficult to determine exactly where he is when he is in motion.



Prince Idian

RACE: Halfling: Nixian & Mystic

Prince Idian is the son of Sergheed Idane and Lady A'staria.  Idian is a halfling, which is a rare genetic cross between two races.  Almost universally despised, halflings typically suffer a life constant persecution as a second-class citizen.  Idian however, has not had such an experience due to his father's position and massive influence.  Those who do not accept Idian as a full-blooded Nixian are quick to regret it.  Idian has been able to live a life of opulent luxury fit for a prince and he often attends lavish parties.  He seemingly wants for nothing.  Yet people always want what they do not have and Idian is no exception.  Despite all the wealth and power, the one thing Prince Idian wants most is the approval of his father.

Idian is a kaja psychic like his mother.  Even though he is not as skillful with kaja as she is, the fact that he has been trained extensively in swordsmanship and unarmed combat by the best teachers in the world to makes up for it.  He doesn't shy from conflict and he often leads Coalition soldiers in combat, earning a reputation from his Tourniquet Mercenary enemies as a cruel warrior that rarely takes prisoners and mistreats the ones that he does.

Titus may find out if the reputation is true.  Idian doesn't know why his father wants Titus, but he hopes to earn his father's favor by capturing him before someone else in the Coalition does first.



Lady A'staria

RACE: Mystic

Lady A'staria was heir to the position of Matron in the capital of Myri'dian on her home planet Myr'rima.   Though the position of Matron has become more of a traditional one since most political power is now given to a democratically elected parliament, it nevertheless serves numerous honorable social services, which is why many political analysts and gossip columnists can't fathom why she would throw it away for a relationship with Sergheed Idane.  It is no secret that she is romantically involved with the Sergheed who is a Nixian.  A socially taboo relationship between two different races would be a career ending decision for any politician and A'staria has since faded from the public's eye.  The Sergheed's support however, has miraculously not waned in the slightest since the reveal.  Though no longer the public figure she once was, A'staria is still a personal advisor to the Sergheed and has significant influence.
A'staria is a powerful kaja psychic capable of telepathic communication over long distances.  Very few can resist losing control of their minds and thus bodies if she desires to control them telepathically.  She is also adept at creating illusions so convincing that those effected actually see, hear, and feel what isn't actually there.



Sergheed Idane

RACE: Nixian

Idane is the Sergheed of planet Nix which is the highest position of power in the Nixian political system akin to an emperor.  Idane was born into the ruling family line on Nix, but all other members of his family were assassinated by an opposing house when he was a young child.  Idane somehow survived the massacre and was presumably secreted away to be raised in safety, but no record of his time in exile has been found.  After coming of age, he simply reappeared on Nix rallying the support of many who viewed him as the rightful Sergheed.  Idane had those responsible for his family's demise executed, an act he was completely justified in performing according to Nixian law.  Idane governed justly and effectively on Nix for many turns which gained him a public following far beyond Nix.  When discussing leadership for new interplanetary form of government, Idane's name came up early and often as a perfect figurehead to represent it.

Sergheed Idane is now the leader of the Interplanetary Coalition of Order (ICO) and has become much more than a figurehead.  He wields an enormous amount of political power akin to the Omnikaja of legend.  Though not without detractors, support for the Sergheed is so overwhelming that it has allowed him to step far beyond the original limits placed on his position.  Idane seems destined to lead.  He carefully chooses every word, keeps his promises, and never wears his heart on his sleeve.

Idane is the most powerful kaja mage in the world.  His power is so great, many whisper that he is in fact a new incorruptible Omnikaja sent by Ka to herald Ka's return.  The secret to Idane's power lies in the Black Hole Technique, a forbidden kaja technique that allows Idane to absorb an opponent and add their kaja power to his own.  It is believed that Ka gives (or curses) one being a generation with the Black Hole Technique.  Previous users of the technique have left their scars on history, perhaps Idane will be different.



OSD Kain

RACE: Shroughdan

Kain is Overlord of the Coalition Science division.  Regarded as the greatest scientific mind in the world, Kain is also considered a savant in numerous fields of engineering, medical science, computer technology and lizard husbandry.  In the turns before the Coalition he worked with other influential minds in many different fields of expertise such as Dariat Pemosen and Dr. Thaddeuss Otterlly.  He has mastered many lifetimes’ worth of study in one lifetime and he still has plenty of turns ahead of him.  Many who have known him joke that the secret to his vast knowledge is that he doesn’t waste time sleeping like other ‘lesser mortals’.

With the combined planetary resources of the Coalition, the number of Kain’s discoveries have grown exponentially.  One of his most recent successes, the development of a new race of intelligent lizards known as dinosoids, was met with a public backlash.  Some argue that he is beginning to ignore ethical guidelines and Kain himself has not denied the allegations.  In his view ethical guidelines are merely a limit imposed on great individuals by the backwards thinking masses.

Kain has made it quite clear that he believes that Ka is a myth and that people should move beyond the realm of supernatural nonsense and not be limited by it.  After all, without Ka Kain does not have a higher authority from which to determine right from wrong.  That leaves it up to him to decide.  The question Kain poses is not “Which lines should not be crossed?” but “Why are there lines there at all?”



Shroughdans possess the largest brain of all the races.  A scientific fact that they will make quite sure you are aware of.  Facts of a scientific nature or otherwise are very easy for a Shroughdan to remember and recall.  Many of the most prominent scientific discoveries are the result of Shroughdan research.  Lately however, Shroughdan youth have been using their gift of fact retention to endlessly debate the quality of their favorite forms of entertainment rather than follow in the footsteps of their doctorate holding parents.  A disturbing problem for many parents, Shroughdan and non-Shroughdan alike.

Shroughdans are humanoids that share an average height with Neribulans.  They are typically leaner however.  Shroughdan skin is smooth and will often contain two colors.  Usually their face is a different color from the rest of their large head (which houses their large brain).  Their mouth opens vertically which can make it difficult for others to read their facial expressions.  They have a third eye on their forehead that is capable of seeing far more of the electromagnetic spectrum than what is classified as visible.  It is a well-known fact that it is extremely difficult to lie to a Shroughdan because of this.  Their other most notable feature is that their arms are positioned in front of their chest as opposed to their shoulders and they fold upwards in a manner similar to a praying mantis.  Their four fingered hands are still quite dexterous.



Mois Strom 'Payback'

RACE: Halfling: Neribul & Shroughdan

Strom was once second in command of the Tourniquet Mercenaries and Dariat's most trusted friend.  In a inconceivable act of betrayal, Strom revealed the location of the Tourniquet's main base on 31Y to Sergheed Idane.  The resulting Coalition attack almost destroyed the Tourniquets once and for all.  Dariat maintains that he witnessed Idane use a permanent form of kaja mind control on Strom.  The Sergheed has not responded to the allegations.
Strom is now the leader of Dread Squad, a Coalition covert ops unit tasked with destroying enemies of ICO with extreme prejudice.  Under the code name Payback, he eagerly accepts any mission that will allow him to slaughter more of his former comrades.  One of the Tourniquets' greatest assets is now one of their greatest enemies.
Payback is a formidable kaja warrior.  He fights with a blade generated by his own kaja energy that quickly reduces regular prime-weapons to slag.  For defense, he is armed with a shield that can also be augmented with his kaja to be used offensively if he so desires.  He also carries a pistol into battle though he rarely uses it.  Killing people up close is far more satisfying.  Dread Squad's next mission is to capture a thirty named Titus which Payback isn't looking forward to.  He's more excited about their secondary objective:  Destroying a Tourniquet cruiser with six thousand plus mercenaries inside.



Tursica Deversind

RACE: Neribulan

Tursica was born on 30W in a peaceful isolated community.  Two turns ago the community disappeared and no one knows what happened to them, no one except Tursica.  She is still haunted by the night that Sergheed Idane burned the community to the ground in an unprovoked attack that left her friends and family dead.  She only survived due to a unique kaja ability that manifested during the ordeal.  Since then, she has spent two turns tortured in a secret facility as scientists try to determine the cause of her ability and learn how to harness it.

Tursica is always surrounded by an aura that completely negates kaja energy.  She can make it larger or smaller, but she cannot completely suppress it.  Furthermore, those effected by the aura suffer kaja withdrawal and become progressively more ill as the exposure continues.  If she was close enough she could even render the seemingly invincible Sergheed Idane helpless and take her revenge with her bare hands.

Revenge is what Tursica lives for now.  Her faith in Ka has been shattered, but she believes in herself and she'll continue to survive for as long as it takes.



The Pilgrims of Ka were a religious sect consisting mainly of Neribulans.  They were often regarded as a cult, but religious scholars have yet to uncover anything unorthodox about their beliefs.  The Pilgrims put an emphasis of worshiping Ka in their daily lives, non-violence, and separation from an outside world they viewed as corrupt.  As such, they gathered in a large community of like-minded individuals on Neribula until the discovery of planet 30W.

After the new planet 30W was discovered and vessels capable of re-entering an atmosphere were developed, it wasn't long before a team was assembled to install the first gateport on the planet's surface.  The historic mission was a resounding success and made everyone involved a celebrity.  Head engineer Jopek Deversind announced unexpectedly during an interview that he was a member of the Pilgrims of Ka.  Jopek indicated that he and his fellow Pilgrims would be settling on 30W to worship Ka and avoid future conflicts in peace.  It was later discovered that most of the 30W team had ties to the Pilgrims as well.

Almost overnight, the entire Pilgrim community on Neribula disappeared leaving their homes behind and any possessions that weren't easily transported.  Once on 30W they journeyed far from the gateport they helped build and settled elsewhere.   For over a generation neighboring communities conducted commerce with the Pilgrims until two turns ago, when contact abruptly stopped.  The Pilgrims of Ka have disappeared again, this time leaving only charred ruins behind.




RACE: Water Monitore

Vandalin has been training his whole life to become Guardian, a protector ordained by Ka.  If he can pass a test devised by the elders of his clan, he will earn the title and have an opportunity to leave Randia.  It is foretold that Guardian will protect Chosen One, a being chosen by Ka to save the world.  Vandalin doesn't have any idea how he will leave the planet, where he will go when he does, and how to find Chosen One, but he has faith that Ka will guide him.  His faith just might be his greatest strength.

Vandalin, like all Water Monitores, is an excellent swimmer.  While most Water Monitors become fearsome kaja warriors, Vandalin has taken a different path and trained to be a kaja mage instead.  He believes that the techniques he has learned will help him be more a versatile Guardian.  His logic seems sound, as Ka has given his kind a powerful build that is capable of mighty feats of strength even without kaja enhancement.  His kaja mage training allows him to generate kaja projectiles called torends from his hands and even his horns with ease.  His mightiest technique called The Comet of Ka, surrounds his body with a protective aura and launches him like a missile.  It is advisable to get out of his way when this happens.



Exp: 00345 ID: T-Fusion 41 Code: Huntress Alpha

RACE: T-Fusion Hybrid

Huntress α is a tool for a specific purpose:  assassination.  Her body has been modified and engineered even at the genetic level.  She is equipped with razor sharp claws that can secrete either a deadly toxin or a potent sedative that will render most victims unconscious instantly.  They can be launched from her fingers like darts and they regrow quickly.  It is rumored that she can recover from wounds even faster than a kaja warrior despite not being able to generate kaja energy herself.

All of Huntress' thoughts are dictated by a strict code that has been programmed directly into her brain.  Her identity is defined, her individuality suppressed, her memories deleted, and her will is controlled.  Yet perhaps this perfect killing machine isn't as flawless as her creator would like to believe.  Occasionally, a look of fear will briefly appear on her otherwise emotionless face.  Maybe she is as afraid of what she has become.  Maybe she isn't a monster at all.

Huntress' next target is Titus and for the first time she has been instructed to capture instead of kill her prey.  Titus probably wouldn't find much comfort in that if he knew.



Dariat Pemosen

RACE: Neribulan

Dariat was a prominent social activist.  He argued against the consolidation of government power that he believed would prove disastrous for individual liberty.  He also fought for the rights of the kaja-less like himself who were often being ignored by governments that viewed their kaja infused citizens as more valuable.  After many years and endless debates, his greatest fears became realized when the Interplanetary Coalition of Order was formed.  Since then he has emerged as leader of the Tourniquet Mercenaries.  ICO declares that he is a terrorist, and public enemy number one.  Others see him as the only hope for a world turned crazy.  Titus isn't sure what to believe.

Being a brilliant engineer, Dariat has developed a unique set of cybernetic components that are grafted directly to his body.  Dariat would normally be at an extreme disadvantage against enemies with even a little kaja prowess, but his enhancements level the playing field.  Ocular modifications enhance awareness, stimulant implants increase reflexes, and other grafts upon his arms and legs increase his strength and speed.  His forearms contain an array of weapons and devices.  At range he can deploy a small, but powerful sub-weapon that is capable of penetrating standard roller armor.  Dariat can deploy a sword and shield to engage kaja warriors that wish to try their hand at melee combat with the Tourniquet commander.



Planet: 31X

Indigenous Race: None

31X is one of the three new planets discovered in the Ka System. 31X is really more of a placeholder than a true name. The original planets were believed to have been named by Ka when he created them.   Thus a system for naming a new planet hasn’t been invented yet.

After its discovery, it was coveted by the Tourniquet Mercenaries due to its complete lack of Coalition presence. It wasn’t long before the Tourniquets had a large and well secured main base from which to conduct all of their worldwide operations.

While 31X’s history is short, it has already survived an almost cataclysmic event unlike anything the world has ever seen. Once ICO discovered the Tourniquet’s main base of operations, they acted swiftly and brutally. The weapons used to cause so much destruction on the planet’s surface are unknown, and the planet has yet to recover. Despite the terrifying show of force, Tourniquet Mercenary operations are still being organized from a hidden location somewhere else in the Ka System.  For more information about the destruction of 31X click here.



Planet:  Randia

Indigenous Race: Water Monitors

Randia is covered completely by a single ocean. Lacking dry land, it is a planet that isn’t often visited. Some determined industrialists however, have built structures similar to oil rigs in the shallower regions. From these rigs they are able to stage mining and fishing operations. The capital required to start such a business venture is high, but competition is slim.

The visitors have not gone unnoticed by the planet’s original inhabitants the Water Monitors. Water Monitors, believed to be merely fairy tales by most of the world, are actually real. They are so few in number, and so isolated, that they have yet to be discovered except by a few bold enough to go looking for them. This suits the Water Monitors fine as they are more concerned with following Ka’s will than meddling in the affairs of rewqs, or outsiders. Water Monitors settle on the many floating islands and atolls formed by the unique coral of Randia.



Letios are humanoids that average about the same size as a human. They are completely hairless, and their heads are long and narrow. Between the ridges along the top of their head are a series of holes that act as their nose. Along the sides of their head are another set of holes that act as their ears. Their mouth is concealed by six surrounding tentacles that have the sensitivity of lips over a much larger surface area. Letios will often use their tentacles to touch things instead of their fingers since their fingers end with rounded claws that reduce their touch sensitivity. Their eyes can stretch open very wide and consist of a tall rectangular pupil.

Letios can change the color of their skin at will without the use of kaja. They can even rapidly change colors, and patterns much like a cuttlefish with little effort. Letios use this ability so often that sometimes they aren’t even consciously aware of what their skin is currently doing. An extroverted Letio might display a vibrant pattern, whereas an introverted Letio’s skin might try to look as plain as possible to avoid attention.

Letios’ heightened sensory organs make most Letios eager to experience the best sensory experiences the world has to offer. A restaurant or entertainment venue will have to be at the top of their game to impress a Letio critic. Letios love to wear clothing that is designed with holes, or even netting that allow them to accent the clothing with their own ever changing skin tones.




RACE: Neribulan

Urlisk is a planetary overlord in ICO’s ranks. This normally prestigious position is dampened by the fact that he is overlord of 32Y, almost the worst assignment a planetary overlord can possibly receive. Urlisk seems ignorant of this fact.   He takes his position very seriously, and a lack of close supervision allows him to perform the occasional act of cruelty without repercussion. Measuring in at only around five feet tall, he has developed quite the Napoleon complex without having any idea who Napoleon is. Urlisk is also a diehard levelist, which means he believes that a person’s worth can be measured by their kaja level. Higher level individuals are superior to lower level individuals, and beings without any kaja are practically garbage.

Urlisk is a level ten kaja mage that often manifests his kaja into corrosive gas clouds that can dissolve metal and flesh with ease. He has merely a modest kaja level overall, but when compared to 32Y’s smaller population filled mainly with kajaless thirties, he could well be the most powerful kaja mage on the planet. Titus has the unfortunate pleasure of running into Urlisk after barely surviving a misunderstanding with his guards. Urlisk, being in a good mood that day, demonstrates his benevolence by granting (forcing) Titus’s entrance into the 32Y arena.



The World Arena League (WAL) has been the organization for preserving the traditions of honorable arena combat for generations. When the outer planets were discovered and settled, many unregulated arenas followed as a popular form of local entertainment. The 32Y arena however, was built from the ground up as a testament to the traditions and regulations the WAL maintains.

After many turns, the WAL has made an unprecedented decision to induct the 32Y arena formally into WAL. This will allow a local champion to compete at the world level in the Mount Olympus arena on Nix. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain favor with the denizens of 32Y, the coalition has supported this decision, and intends to broadcast the matches on the Coalition New Network. To further the PR campaign, the 32Y champion will also have an opportunity to meet Sergheed Idane in person on Nix.

Even though Titus is entered into the 32Y arena roster accidently, finding a gate back home could very well be facilitated by the sergheed.   A lowly guy like him doesn’t get a chance to meet a sergheed every day. Now if he can only live through the arena to take advantage of the opportunity…



Planet: 32Y

Indigenous race:  None

32Y is the most recently discovered planet in the Ka system.  It does not have an indigenous race, or any gates to connect it to any of the other planets.  Geological testing has concluded that it is much younger than the original twenty-nine planets created by Ka at the beginning of time, but its exact age is still subject to debate.  Many claim that 32Y’s very existence is evidence against creation by a supreme being, as it is not listed in any form of the creation story.  Others however, cite certain scripture passages that appear to hint at the creation of other planetary bodies later in history.

Since 32Y cannot be accessed by any other means besides space transport it is prized by many isolationists as a perfect haven.  Though it is sparsely populated, its population is growing steadily.  It is a population that contains the highest percentage of anti-coalition sentiment.  Because of this, ICO has been gradually increasing its presence.

Titus ends up on 32Y after being thrown through a gate on Earth.  He finds that it is about as tourist friendly as the Wild West, and half as safe.