Kaja Star Encyclopedia

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The World Arena League (WAL) has been the organization for preserving the traditions of honorable arena combat for generations. When the outer planets were discovered and settled, many unregulated arenas followed as a popular form of local entertainment. The 32Y arena however, was built from the ground up as a testament to the traditions and regulations the WAL maintains.

After many turns, the WAL has made an unprecedented decision to induct the 32Y arena formally into WAL. This will allow a local champion to compete at the world level in the Mount Olympus arena on Nix. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain favor with the denizens of 32Y, the coalition has supported this decision, and intends to broadcast the matches on the Coalition New Network. To further the PR campaign, the 32Y champion will also have an opportunity to meet Sergheed Idane in person on Nix.

Even though Titus is entered into the 32Y arena roster accidently, finding a gate back home could very well be facilitated by the sergheed.   A lowly guy like him doesn’t get a chance to meet a sergheed every day. Now if he can only live through the arena to take advantage of the opportunity…



The Pilgrims of Ka were a religious sect consisting mainly of Neribulans.  They were often regarded as a cult, but religious scholars have yet to uncover anything unorthodox about their beliefs.  The Pilgrims put an emphasis of worshiping Ka in their daily lives, non-violence, and separation from an outside world they viewed as corrupt.  As such, they gathered in a large community of like-minded individuals on Neribula until the discovery of planet 30W.

After the new planet 30W was discovered and vessels capable of re-entering an atmosphere were developed, it wasn't long before a team was assembled to install the first gateport on the planet's surface.  The historic mission was a resounding success and made everyone involved a celebrity.  Head engineer Jopek Deversind announced unexpectedly during an interview that he was a member of the Pilgrims of Ka.  Jopek indicated that he and his fellow Pilgrims would be settling on 30W to worship Ka and avoid future conflicts in peace.  It was later discovered that most of the 30W team had ties to the Pilgrims as well.

Almost overnight, the entire Pilgrim community on Neribula disappeared leaving their homes behind and any possessions that weren't easily transported.  Once on 30W they journeyed far from the gateport they helped build and settled elsewhere.   For over a generation neighboring communities conducted commerce with the Pilgrims until two turns ago, when contact abruptly stopped.  The Pilgrims of Ka have disappeared again, this time leaving only charred ruins behind.