Kaja Star Encyclopedia

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Planet:  Randia

Indigenous Race: Water Monitors

Randia is covered completely by a single ocean. Lacking dry land, it is a planet that isn’t often visited. Some determined industrialists however, have built structures similar to oil rigs in the shallower regions. From these rigs they are able to stage mining and fishing operations. The capital required to start such a business venture is high, but competition is slim.

The visitors have not gone unnoticed by the planet’s original inhabitants the Water Monitors. Water Monitors, believed to be merely fairy tales by most of the world, are actually real. They are so few in number, and so isolated, that they have yet to be discovered except by a few bold enough to go looking for them. This suits the Water Monitors fine as they are more concerned with following Ka’s will than meddling in the affairs of rewqs, or outsiders. Water Monitors settle on the many floating islands and atolls formed by the unique coral of Randia.



Planet: 31X

Indigenous Race: None

31X is one of the three new planets discovered in the Ka System. 31X is really more of a placeholder than a true name. The original planets were believed to have been named by Ka when he created them.   Thus a system for naming a new planet hasn’t been invented yet.

After its discovery, it was coveted by the Tourniquet Mercenaries due to its complete lack of Coalition presence. It wasn’t long before the Tourniquets had a large and well secured main base from which to conduct all of their worldwide operations.

While 31X’s history is short, it has already survived an almost cataclysmic event unlike anything the world has ever seen. Once ICO discovered the Tourniquet’s main base of operations, they acted swiftly and brutally. The weapons used to cause so much destruction on the planet’s surface are unknown, and the planet has yet to recover. Despite the terrifying show of force, Tourniquet Mercenary operations are still being organized from a hidden location somewhere else in the Ka System.  For more information about the destruction of 31X click here.



Planet: 32Y

Indigenous race:  None

32Y is the most recently discovered planet in the Ka system.  It does not have an indigenous race, or any gates to connect it to any of the other planets.  Geological testing has concluded that it is much younger than the original twenty-nine planets created by Ka at the beginning of time, but its exact age is still subject to debate.  Many claim that 32Y’s very existence is evidence against creation by a supreme being, as it is not listed in any form of the creation story.  Others however, cite certain scripture passages that appear to hint at the creation of other planetary bodies later in history.

Since 32Y cannot be accessed by any other means besides space transport it is prized by many isolationists as a perfect haven.  Though it is sparsely populated, its population is growing steadily.  It is a population that contains the highest percentage of anti-coalition sentiment.  Because of this, ICO has been gradually increasing its presence.

Titus ends up on 32Y after being thrown through a gate on Earth.  He finds that it is about as tourist friendly as the Wild West, and half as safe.