Kaja Star Encyclopedia

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Dinosoids are a new race of beings Kain successfully created by adding some DNA of a sentient being into a lizard.   Each dinosoid's appearance varies greatly depending on the species of lizard used, but there is some commonality between them.  All dinosoids have a below-average intelligence and above-average strength and endurance.  This makes them ideal and expendable front line combatants for the Coalition.  As of yet, there are no dinosoids capable of generating kaja energy, but Kain is still diligently working to change that.

To Titus, the dinosoids seem like any other weird looking alien.  He's unaware of the scientific breakthrough they represent.  To his defense though, it is hard to learn about an alien when it is trying to cleave him in half with a halberd.




Insectavores (NEW 5-23-16)

Insectavores are a race of intelligent insects.  They can talk, but rarely do so.  When they do speak, they usually babble odd slogans to themselves that resemble telescreen commercials and propaganda.  Despite a lack of verbal communcation, they are very organized and work extremely well as a team.  It is theorized that they may have some other unknown form of communication.  Insectavores are divided into three very different looking classes: The bipedal soldier, the winged flyer, and the large four-legged worker.  No class has been observed harnessing kaja energy and it seems the entire race is devoid of kaja.

Insectavores were one of the primary factors in the formation of the Interplanetary Coalition of Order.  They appeared suddenly and occupied large portions of the planet Quaid in only a few turns.  Civilian populations in the affected areas were relocated gently by the invading Insectavores and reports further indicated that Insectavores used lethal force only as a response to lethal force used on them.  It was because of this restraint that the Coalition leader, Sergheed Idane pursued a plan to communicate and reason with them.  Communications were attempted and shortly thereafter it was discovered that the Insectavores were led by a fourth class consisting of a single queen.  A controversial alliance was established with the Insectavores.  They would be allowed to keep their established territory and in return they would join ICO and serve in its military.

There are approximately 58,000 Insectavore personnel currently on active ICO military duty equipped with the latest technology and weaponry.  There is one Titus and he is equipped with an engagement ring.



Letios are humanoids that average about the same size as a human. They are completely hairless, and their heads are long and narrow. Between the ridges along the top of their head are a series of holes that act as their nose. Along the sides of their head are another set of holes that act as their ears. Their mouth is concealed by six surrounding tentacles that have the sensitivity of lips over a much larger surface area. Letios will often use their tentacles to touch things instead of their fingers since their fingers end with rounded claws that reduce their touch sensitivity. Their eyes can stretch open very wide and consist of a tall rectangular pupil.

Letios can change the color of their skin at will without the use of kaja. They can even rapidly change colors, and patterns much like a cuttlefish with little effort. Letios use this ability so often that sometimes they aren’t even consciously aware of what their skin is currently doing. An extroverted Letio might display a vibrant pattern, whereas an introverted Letio’s skin might try to look as plain as possible to avoid attention.

Letios’ heightened sensory organs make most Letios eager to experience the best sensory experiences the world has to offer. A restaurant or entertainment venue will have to be at the top of their game to impress a Letio critic. Letios love to wear clothing that is designed with holes, or even netting that allow them to accent the clothing with their own ever changing skin tones.



Shroughdans possess the largest brain of all the races.  A scientific fact that they will make quite sure you are aware of.  Facts of a scientific nature or otherwise are very easy for a Shroughdan to remember and recall.  Many of the most prominent scientific discoveries are the result of Shroughdan research.  Lately however, Shroughdan youth have been using their gift of fact retention to endlessly debate the quality of their favorite forms of entertainment rather than follow in the footsteps of their doctorate holding parents.  A disturbing problem for many parents, Shroughdan and non-Shroughdan alike.

Shroughdans are humanoids that share an average height with Neribulans.  They are typically leaner however.  Shroughdan skin is smooth and will often contain two colors.  Usually their face is a different color from the rest of their large head (which houses their large brain).  Their mouth opens vertically which can make it difficult for others to read their facial expressions.  They have a third eye on their forehead that is capable of seeing far more of the electromagnetic spectrum than what is classified as visible.  It is a well-known fact that it is extremely difficult to lie to a Shroughdan because of this.  Their other most notable feature is that their arms are positioned in front of their chest as opposed to their shoulders and they fold upwards in a manner similar to a praying mantis.  Their four fingered hands are still quite dexterous.



Trogs are small humanoids that average about four and a half feet tall standing straight, but due to their stooped posture they are generally around three and a half feet tall.  Their eyes are quite large compared to their other facial features, and their nose and mouth are part of a short snout.  Their hair is easily styled.  Popular styles range from large spikes, to styles that look reminiscent of soft serve ice cream.

Trogs have settled all over the Ka System.  They are short lived, but they have an even shorter attention span.  As such, many Trogs find jumping around the endless code of large software programs as soothing as a massage.  Trogs are also very energetic.  They need that energy since females give birth to litters of about three to five children at a time that they call pups, and the pups are almost guaranteed to have ADHD.



Ubernu are large humanoids that average seven feet tall.  They all have a dark skin tone, and some have completely gray or black skin.  Their eyes are usually quite bright.  Other than Neribulans, Ubernu have the features most in common with humans.

Ubernu have settled all over the Ka System.  Families are very important to Ubernu, and they will often live together with parents, grandparents, and other extended family.  A combination of their loyalty and physical size make them a common choice for local police, and security forces.  Seeing one wearing a Coalition uniform is not an uncommon sight either.